About me...

About me....

Art style: Martine van Noort was born in Heeze in South of the Netherlands. Having grown up close to nature her love of the outdoors grew tremendously. Throughout her life, Martine was always drawn to the sea and Mediterranean places. The interest was cultivated during her traveling through France, Tuscany and Spain. Later on she took painters with her on a trip to paint 'en-plein-air' in Tuscany and Spain. The paintings of the landscapes, that Martine makes during her stayings, are inspired by the Impressionists. She uses acrylics on linen, but also she likes to make collages and mixed-media paintings. The results are always a collaboration between the artist and the Mediterranean. Martine also teaches starters and already experenced painters in order to help them foster the same enthusiasm that she has for painting. Martine lives and works in Heeze at her atelier: Atelier-Mediterraneo.
I'm a member of the Artgroup Eymerick in Heeze and KUBRA (Artists of Brabant). Also I am an ambassadeur of Atelier Magazine f

 Like to see you in my art studio!
Martine van Noort- van Zanten



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